Week 4 – The Perfect Style

Mastering Debating 2 (all ages)

In Lesson 4, we completed a debate on the motion “This House regrets the rise of the social media influencer.”

Thinking back to what you have learnt about style so far with Debate Mate, your task is to create a PEEL speech arguing why a chosen stylistic technique is the most persuasive.

Below is a list of some of our favourite style techniques:

  1. Hand gestures
  2. Varying your style
  3. Rhetorical questions
  4. Comparing and contrasting
  5. The rule of three
  6. Emotion
  7. Direct language
  8. Inclusive language (we, us)
  9. Humour
  10. Pausing

You can either choose one of the style techniques above or use your own. Your PEEL speech should follow the structure below:

I believe that _____ is the most persuasive style technique in debating because…
To explain this further…
An example of this is…