Week 3 – Celebrating Celebrities

Mastering Debating 2 (all ages)

In Lesson 3, we created speeches for the motion “This house believes children should not aspire to be famous.”

We thought about the positives and negatives of children aspiring to be famous and delivered PEEL speeches on this topic. It is important to acknowledge the negatives of celebrity culture, but it is also important to celebrate the positives it brings!

Your task to create a Fact File of your favourite celebrity who has done something positive recently. For example, Marcus Rashford is a football player for Manchester United and has campaigned to end child food poverty in the UK. Take a look at the video below which explains more about his campaign.

Your ‘Celebrity Fact File’ should include the following and remember to research using the internet!
Their name, age and job
The positive impact they have made and how
How they used their celebrity status to help their cause