Week 2 – Using our Style

Debate Mate Juniors/Explorers

In Lesson 2, we thought about different techniques we can use to make our speaking as interesting to listen to as possible!

We will use these techniques in every lesson going forwards:

  1. Eye contact – Looking at who you are speaking to
  2. Hand gestures – Moving your hands to show emotion or put emphasis on certain words
  3. Emotion – Showing how you feel using your voice and body. For example, happy or sad
  4. Rule of three – Repeating the same word or phrase three times, or giving three reasons/examples
  5. Volume – How loud or quiet you speak
  6. Interesting words – Using words that make your speech sound interesting such as ‘unbelievable’ or ‘incredible’

Can you remember how to do each of these techniques are? Try showing someone at home each of these techniques and see if they can guess which one you are doing!