Week 1 – Reverse Zombie Apocalypse

Developing Debating Skills (all ages)

In Lesson 1, we all took part in an activity called Zombie Apocalypse where we had to argue why our chosen object would be the most useful to have in a Zombie Apocalypse!

This activity is all about being imaginative and thinking about both sides of an argument. In the lesson, you argued why your object would be the best to have in an apocalypse. But now we want you to try and create an argument for why it would be the worst object to have in an apocalypse!

Using the same object you chose in the lesson, create a PEEL speech about why it would be the worst objective to have in an apocalypse. To recap, the PEEL structure is below:

Point – short, snappy headline
Explanation – why is this point important and why is it true?
Example – evidence to back up your argument
Link – linking your argument back to the motion