Week 8 – Powerful Language

Mastering Debating (all ages)

By using powerful language in our speeches, we are able to make an impact and persuade the Judge of our argument. We can use powerful language in different ways to emphasise our point.

Take a look at this video of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez giving a speech before a Woman’s March and think about how she uses powerful language to emphasise, persuade and engage the audience.

During her speech, Alexandria uses the following powerful phrases:
“Justice is about the water we drink”
“Justice is about the air we breathe”
“Justice is about how easy it is to vote”
“Justice is about how much ladies get paid”

Choose one of these powerful phrases and use it to create a speech answering the question ‘What is justice?’ Remember to use the PEEL structure and other persuasive techniques you know! Practise delivering your speech to someone at home and ask them to pick out some things that made your speech persuasive.