Week 8 – Developing Rebuttal

Introduction to Debating (all ages)

In Lesson 8, we developed our understanding of rebuttal and Points of Information. We thought about the best ways to challenge our opponents both during our own speeches and during theirs.

Rebuttal is a great tool to use in debating. It shows the Judge that you are listening to the opposing team and challenging their arguments. The more specific your rebuttal, the better it is at proving your own point and disproving your opponent’s point!

Take a look at the speech below and have a go at preparing some specific rebuttal against the argument. Remember, the structure of a rebuttal is:
You said that…
But I disagree because…

Motion: This House believes that children should choose what they study in school
Team: Proposition

Team proposition believe that children should choose what they study in school.
We believe this because if children get to choose what they study, they will concentrate more in lessons and therefore learn more about their chosen subject.
To explain this further, when children are forced to study subjects they do not enjoy, they do not concentrate in lessons which results in them getting into trouble and not learning. What is the point of being in school if you are not learning? Furthermore, students are more likely to engage if they are learning about subjects that interest them. It is really important that students enjoy learning, and we could ensure this by letting them choose the subjects they study.
An example of this is when children are forced to study chemistry, even when they do not enjoy it. Imagine Toby, he is really interested in art, English and PE at school and always tries his hardest in these lessons. However, he strongly dislikes chemistry and finds it incredibly difficult to concentrate and therefore does not learn. The time Toby spends struggling in chemistry would be much better spent doing a subject he enjoys.
Therefore, if we allowed children to choose what they study in school, they would concentrate more which, would lead to them learning more!