Week 6 – Research Reliability

Mastering Debating 1 (all ages)

In Lesson 6, we took part in a full debate on the topic of ‘sport’. How we use our preparation time for a debate is really important and this week’s activity is all about research.

In debating there are two types of preparation:
1. Short prep debates are when teams are given 15 minutes to prepare as a team (like we do in our sessions)!
2. Long prep debates are when teams are given the motion in advance of the debate.

In a long prep debate, you are able to do research about the motion! You could ask other people their ideas, look inside books or search the Internet.

However, it is important to think about how reliable and trustworthy your sources of information are. Thinking about the following three questions might help you decide how reliable something is:
1. Is there evidence?
2. Where is the evidence from?

3. Is the person who created the source trustworthy?

Have a go at conducting some research about the motion “This House believes that protests are an effective way to bring about change”. You could look into different arguments, find examples to back up your points or look into the different stakeholders involved in the debate. But remember to always think about how reliable your information is and whether you should use it!