Week 6 – Active Listening

Developing Debating Skills (7-11)

In Lesson 6, we started thinking about different strategies we can use to win debates. One of these strategies is listening! By listening to your team and the opposing team, you can offer strong Rebuttals and Points of Information, and persuasive PEEL speeches.

Watch the video below where Greta Thunberg and George deliver a speech about climate change. Whilst watching the video, have a go at writing down 5 important points that they make. Once you have done this, try ranking the points you have chosen in order from least important to most important. Think about what the most persuasive part of their speech is!

Challenge: Using an idea from Greta and George’s speech, try and create a PEEL speech for Team Proposition on the motion “This House believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment”.