Week 2 – Who am I?

Mastering Debating 1 (all ages)

In Lesson 2, everyone completed a debate on the topic the Environment and we focused on using Stakeholders to strengthen our arguments.

As a recap, a Stakeholder is someone who is affected by the motion and this could be an individual or groups of people.

Print and cut out the Motion cards below. If you don’t have access to a printer, write the motions on some paper and cut out.

In partners, label yourselves A and B.

Person A needs to choose a motion card (they should share the motion with their partner) and think of a Stakeholder in that debate. Their job is to describe this Stakeholder to their partner without saying their name! Person B’s job is to guess the Stakeholder!

Swap over and see who can guess the most correctly using the different motions!

Challenge: Choose a motion card and think of a Stakeholder. Where would they stand on the motion? Team proposition or team opposition? Have a go at creating a PEEL speech about why they would be on that team.