Week 1 – Where Do You Stand?

Debate Mate Juniors/Explorers

In Lesson 1, we thought all about why we agree or disagree with statements.

Print and cut out the motion cards below. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can create your own version of the cards!

Turn all of the motion cards upside down on a table. Taking turns with your family, choose a card at random and using your thumb show where you stand on the motion. 

Agree = Thumbs up 
Disagree = Thumbs down 
Unsure = Thumb in the middle 

Now that you have shown where you stand, you need to explain why!

Challenge: Have a go at arguing for the opposite of what you believe in. This is a really useful skill to practice because in debating, you do not get to choose whether you are on team proposition or team opposition!