Week 3 – If I Ruled The World…

Introduction to Debating (all ages)

In Lesson 3 we learnt how to structure our arguments using PEEL.

To recap:

Point – The headline of your argument in a short, snappy sentence

Explain – This is where you explain your argument in detail, remember to keep asking yourself why!

Example – Give an example that supports your argument, this could be a fact, statistic or an anecdote (this is an example based on real life, you can use your own experiences!)

Link – Summarise your argument and link it back to the motion

Let’s have a go at putting PEEL into practice for If I Ruled the World… Print out the speech sheet below and create a PEEL speech about what you would do if you ruled the world! If you don’t have access to a printer, why not create your own version of the sheet!